Zero alcohol: the Province presents the bill to regulate the law

After slipping that there was the possibility – at some point this year – of advancing in a project that stipulates zero tolerance for alcohol consumption for motor vehicle drivers in the province of Buenos Aires, the Minister of Transportation Jorge D’Onofrio He assured today that he will send a bill for Congress to analyze it in extraordinary sessions.

“Continuing to discuss the subject of alcohol at the wheel does not make any more sense. On the 0.5 grams of alcohol in the blood allowed today, scientifically it has been shown that reflexes are reduced for any person ”, he affirmed.

In dialogue with Panorama, for “LU2”, The new official pointed out that a fundamental question is that this project does not fall into the political rift.

Jorge D’Onofrio, Buenos Aires Minister of Transport.

“What matters here is saving lives; So, let’s get it out of the crack. If we all agree that there must be zero alcohol when driving, then let’s push for there to be a law and it is implemented accordingly, “he said.

In this regard, D’Onofrio argued that it is necessary “to think about a cultural change that has to do with road safety.”

“This is one of the first points: when you are going to take the wheel, you cannot drink alcohol; and if we go out to dinner, we return by walking, by taxi or with a designated driver. But never again should there be someone at the wheel with alcohol or drugs, “he said.

If the governor decides that the health pass must be implemented in the buses, it will be done. It would be for short, medium and long distance ”, indicated D’Onofrio.

D’Onofrio stressed that this amendment could also include changes in the Penal Code, since “before, for those who caused harm when drugged or drunk, this was a defense because it was understood that they were not in their right mind.”

“Today should be an aggravation, because whoever voluntarily puts himself in that state knows that he becomes a weapon. Whoever drives a car has a gun in his hand and all possible precautions must be taken, ”he said.

That change of thought – he considered – should also be extended to what happens after the issuance and payment of the fine.

“Today who can pay, and who does not owe it, but this does not generate changes in the offender,” he warned.

For this reason, it is going to be proposed to implement, at the discretion of the Justice, the realization of retraining and training courses until the registration is returned to each driver, which include the viewing of educational videos with explicit images about the accidents, seeking to generate awareness.

“In conjunction with the General Directorate of Schools, the idea is to incorporate road safety concepts into curricula, both from kindergarten to senior year. In addition, for this last year, a subject would be included that will allow access to the first driver’s license exam in another way, “he said.

Finally, the Buenos Aires Transport Minister said that his objective is to lower accident rates in the province.

“We have almost 4 deaths per day and the number of injured far exceeds that of any normal country,” he concluded.

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