Surprising winner: The best rice at ÖKO-TEST

Inexpensive rice scores with ÖKO-TEST: These are the test winners

Rice is one of the healthiest foods due to its extremely low fat content. The complex carbohydrates also ensure that you stay full longer. Eating rice can also help you lose weight. However, not every rice is recommended, as ÖKO-TEST found out. The experts have in the Edition 7/2020 tested a total of 21 packs … Read More

Alexandre Guimaraes highlighted the work of his team in recent days

América de Cali got its first victory in the Betplay League when it defeated Águilas Doradas on date 6. Photo: Twitter @AmericadeCali

The date 7 of the BetPlay League arrived to continue with the Colombian soccer party in the closing tournament. The participating teams continue to work to develop, in the best way, the indications of the technical director and thus achieve greater performance on the field of play. You would also like to read: One of … Read More

Weather: what to expect this Saturday in Morbihan?

Port of Vannes in the Morbihan sun weather

Port of Vannes in Morbihan sunny weather ©Florian Tiercin The episode of strong heat which strikes the Morbihan for several days now is coming to an end. We take stock of the weather forecast for this Saturday, August 13, 2022 in the departement. As indicated Weather Brittany, “the sky is totally clear to start this … Read More

Signs of emotional abuse in your relationship

Signs of emotional abuse in your relationship

Abuse in the couple relationship is not only lived with hitsin the emotional aspect it occurs more and more, that is why today I will tell you about some signs that indicate that you live it with your partner, very attentive to each of these points. It may interest you: Phrases to wish my partner … Read More

Military leadership of Petro precipitates the departure of officers from the Forces – Conflict and Drug Trafficking – Justice

samsung s3mini

This was stated by the president Gustavo Petro after announcing the names of the new commanders of the Forces. “Here we do not look at political thoughts, we are interested in this Public force be professional,” he said. (We recommend: Gustavo Petro on the new leadership: politics is human security) As Commander of the Army … Read More

Francia Márquez: ‘Vogue’ highlights the ‘powerful look’ of the vice president – People – Culture

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“I swear to God and the people to faithfully comply with the Constitution and the laws of Colombia and I also swear before my ancestors and ancestors,” said the social leader, who drew attention for her blue, orange and white dress. So much so that the specialized magazine ‘Vogue’ highlighted her clothes as a representation … Read More

Rosángela Espinoza and Carloncho: how was their media relationship and why did they end | What happened between Carloncho and Rosángela | The big show | On everyone’s lips | Lucas Piro ntlr | entertainment

Rosangela Espinoza is currently one of the most popular figures on television. Thanks to her participation in “This is war”, she has managed to accumulate a large legion of fans on social networks. Her love life has not been unrelated to the cameras and years ago she starred in a media relationship with Carloncho, a … Read More

How to dress to look taller with ideas from Pinterest

How to dress to look taller with ideas from Pinterest

Seeing yourself tall and slim is not that complicated, since there are some tricks when dressing with which you can achieve it at the same time. perfectionof which I will tell you today, this so that you can immediately apply them in your next outfits, you will be delighted with the results. It may interest … Read More

A turning point – Europeanization instead of globalization


European companies are hoarding primary products from China. Their warehouses are packed with manual transmissions for bicycles, microchips for electric motors, with all sorts of components that they can only get from the People’s Republic. “Companies order in large quantities, as much as possible and everything they can get,” says Andreas Breinbauer, head of the … Read More