Zariband will have its first national tour

Zariband does not stop growing. The band of cumbia santafesina, with its foundations in the city of River Gallegos, has earned the recognition of the people product of presentations and great shows, and even today it has its own followers.

In more than four years of cumbia the rise was considerable. Pubs, bowling alleys, public events and hiring were consolidating the band led by Zarina. In a pandemic, they did not move away, they virtually connected and even had the luxury of singing with La Princesita Karina and were also part of the Pasión de Sábado program, when they were looking for talents.

They toured various towns in Santa Cruz, but now they have communicated great news. The Zariband will have his first national tour.

“Thanks to the people of Mendoza who saw our video on YouTube and contacted us, thanks to our great sponsor who makes this possible, thank you, thank you, thank you, we can’t believe it and we are very excited”, They expressed.

To close the year they already have dates scheduled in Puerto San Julián, Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Madryn, Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

And if it was not enough, December 19 they are going to be opening act for Tini, within the framework of Rio Gallegos Anniversary.

“All of this is thanks to you, without their support, everything would be much more difficult, all these achievements belong to everyone “, said the band, highlighting that” this is a pampering the heart and a way to feel that every effort is worth itWhoever resists fulfills their dreams. ZARIBAND, GOES FOR EVERYTHING AND MUCH MORE”.

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