Zara: “People don’t make ends meet; It happened to Macri and now to Fernández “

The mayor of the municipality of Patagones, José Luis Zara, said today that in the elections last Sunday the mood of the population was noted regarding the economic situation and everything that happened during the pandemic.

“What happened in the province is due to inflation hitting people’s pockets hard, as it happened to (Mauricio) Macri and now it happens to (Alberto) Fernández. This pandemic made people very angry, “said the communal chief in Panorama, by “LU2“.

In this regard, he said that issues such as insecurity or the loss of jobs during isolation, added to the businesses that had to close their doors, negatively influenced people when voting.

“Something similar happened with vaccination and the way it was handled. In our case, they had set up a single vaccination point throughout the district, in the capital city, also having minor hospitals or health units. That it was not allowed to be done from the municipal health area also generated anger, “he said.

In addition, he acknowledged that the economic issue also stood out strongly at the time of voting.

“In other words, that people do not make ends meet with their salary. There are many families who are unable to eat or develop their normal life, and that hits very hard, “he said.

In Patagones, Juntos obtained 47.61% of the votes and the FdT, 41.18%. Blank votes were the third force, with just over 14%.

Zara acknowledged that, last Sunday in Patagones, almost 3,800 fewer people voted than in the PASO of 2019, a fact that it attributed to the fact that people did not want to expose themselves during the pandemic.

“There was also a significant percentage of blank votes – NdR: 14% -“, he said.

On the other hand, he ruled out that there could be changes in the cabinet and highlighted the importance of having obtained the same number of votes as in previous elections, with a lower percentage of people who went to vote.

“Clearly, the November election is going to be even more polarized. A third force did not appear in these elections, “he said.

Zara highlighted the accompaniment that she once again had in the towns of the interior of the district, which was added to a very even election at the head, Carmen de Patagones.

“When one goes through the pandemic, there is wear and tear on the government of the day, but the accompaniment of society is intact. To this is added that there are young people on the lists, representing the interior, involved with institutions, “he said.

Added to this, he continued, is the fact that the first candidate is the current president of the Deliberative Council, Julio Constantino, “a capable person, who has done a good job.”

Regarding the election carried out by the opposition, which obtained just over 41% of the votes, he highlighted the fact that ex-mayor Ricardo Curetti did not appear and stated that when the first candidate (Nicolás García) from La Cámpora came, he ended causing that there is not a great support to his candidacy.

“I am a Peronist, but many times we have not been invited (to participate). In recent years they have closed a lot and do not invite the rest, “he said.

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