"You better kill your daughters": the outrageous statement of a Catholic priest on the decriminalization of abortion

The message occurs days before the Supreme Court of that country ruled against criminalizing in the country women who decide to have an abortion in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Hernández Soto took advantage of the homily at the La Salle church mass to attack those who decide to terminate their pregnancy voluntarily.

The feminist collective Marea Verde – Altas Montañas alerted on social networks about the priest’s hate speech and the message sent by the Catholic Church against women.


The ruling of the Court of Mexico is historic and decriminalizes abortion throughout the country.

“In a country where 11 femicides are committed daily, the sending of this type of message by the Catholic Church is extremely serious and unacceptable,” said the group.

According to the priest, the woman who decides to have an abortion is useless, she remains “hollow, morally, physically and psychologically”, so she told the faithful “why don’t we kill the mother?”

“It is an ironic example”

After the video in which the priest in Coahuila said “better kill your daughters so that they do not get in the way and thus they do not have to resort to abortion” went viral, the Diocese of Saltillo said that the priest spoke in an ironic way, as a resource to condemn the act of aborting.

In this sense, the spokesperson for the Diocese of Saltillo told the newspaper El Universal that “this is an ironic example,” an “ad absurdum argument,” used to exemplify how wrong it is to kill a child.

According to the spokesperson, whose name the newspaper did not reveal, those who read the Bible know that Jesus Christ himself sometimes spoke with irony to convey his teachings.


He added that the priest’s sayings were taken out of context, but the sayings of those who made it public have been taken “categorically.”

However, when watching the video there is no doubt that the priest is advocating for femicide.

In this regard, the secretary of the National Commission of Social Networks of the Citizen Movement, Marisol Calva, said that the words of the priests were serious and unjustifiable.

“This happened today in Monclova, Coahuila, a priest called to” kill his daughters so that they do not get in the way “in a country where there are 10 femicides a day in reaction to the ruling of the SCJN for the decriminalization of abortion in Coahuila. It is very serious and unjustifiable. # It will beLey ”.

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