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In recent days, the ‘influencer’ was upset by the large sums of money he has had to pay to the Dian. Reactions on social networks did not take long to see transactions of large sums in the screenshots it showed.

As a result, Cossio published an explanatory video showing his income statement because, according to him, he has been accused of tax evader.

Every day I pay the State the equivalent of what a person in Colombia earns in 52 days

“Not counting the taxes that I have to pay every two months to this country,” he said.

At that time, he showed that in his bank account they have deducted 2,288,000 million pesos in 4×1,000 taxes. “He charged me taxes for paying taxes to him“, said.

In addition, he assured that every two months they deduct around 100 million pesos for other types of taxes.

“I daily pay the State 1,571,000 pesos. How ridiculous,” he pointed out, making the average of what he pays compared to each day of the year.

For him, that is his contribution to the country’s economy. “Every day I pay the State the equivalent of what a person in Colombia earns in 52 days“He said based on the calculations of the minimum wage in the country equivalent to 908,526 pesos.

The first time I paid taxes, I paid 156 million pesos in pain“He said from his trip to Africa with his girlfriend Jenn Muriel.

The influencer was outraged because, for him, that money could have been used by giving away houses and doing charity work. He even assured that he renounces being Colombian.

Later, Dian contacted him to inform him that due to an error in a requirement, he had to pay around 600 million pesos in taxes. This was due to a failure of his meter.

From there his lawyers helped him to consolidate a better team to manage his finances. According to Cossio, all the solutions led him to a bribery.

“I am not going to give rise to that they cram or sink me,” he clarified.

Trying to fix things with bribes is from corrupt people

“The first thing she said is: ‘we must bribe this person within the Dian. This is worth this, this and these are my fees,'” says the ‘influencer’.

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“Yenny, I don’t need to bribe anyone,” he told her. “I have how to demonstrate my economic activity. I have how to demonstrate each of the pesos that I have earned,” he said.

Cossio clarified that the only thing he was looking for was a legal form to pay the least amount of taxes possible. However, this woman would have said that they worked together when, according to him, he had not accepted his bribery proposal.

“Trying to fix things with bribes is from corrupt people,” he said.

Finally, Cossio points out that he has videos in which Saldarriaga is seen and heard talking about bribery.

I’m extremely angry because everything is stolen here“He said in the video.” Neither health, nor education, nor transportation, in this country there is absolutely nothing, “he concluded.

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