Yeferson Cossio insulted his sister and unleashed controversial networks

Yeferson Cossio He continues to talk about after confirming that he changed his Colombian nationality because he was tired of the exorbitant sums of money he had to pay taxes to Dian. In addition, he revealed that he will live in Tokyo during the next months of 2022 and is studying Japanese.

“Yes, I am no longer a Colombian citizen and I am not going to tell you what nationality I have now. I am not a tax resident in Colombia either.”, he confessed in his stories of Instagram.

However, in the last hours his name has not only become a trend because of this announcement, but because he was quite annoyed with his sister, Cintia Cossio, because he canceled a flight that he had scheduled with him to the United States.

Both are quite close, so much so that they have been seen sharing several jokes, but this time the content creator explained the reason for his anger, acknowledging that the words he was going to use were not the appropriate ones to refer to a relative.

Finally Yeferson Cossio He insulted his sister and unleashed a wave of criticism on social networks.

According to him, he postponed all the commitments he had on his agenda, which include some meetings in cities such as Bogot√°, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga, to accompany Cintia to New York, but at the last minute she decided to change her plans and made an outrage at him.

“I should not express myself that way about a person and less if that person is my relative and less if he is a relative as close as a sister, but my sister is a per … in every sense of the word”, he expressed.

And I add: “I’m very busy …. I have a thousand meetings, I ran everything because the woman … she wants to go to New York, I just told myself that she is not going to go! I already bought the fucking flights.”

On the images of the clip the influencer wrote the phrase: “It is a complete hdp.”

This recording was replicated by a user on Twitter, where he has unleashed several criticisms for the way he referred to his sister.

Click to see the video. Photo: Twitter

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