Xiaomi’s under-display-camera tech shipping next year

Xiaomi announced that it plans to begin mass-producing smartphones outfitted with its under-show camera technology one year from now. The company says that This is actually the third era of the innovation Xiaomi has created, and, although the first and second forms it delivered presently can’t seem to discover their way into a mass-market customer device.

Xiaomi says that the zone of the display over the camera has similar pixels density as the remainder of the screen, so it can perfectly disguise the selfie camera underneath. According to Xiaomi, its most recent variant of the technology works by permitting the selfie camera to see through the gaps in the sub-pixels of the display, which are the green, red, and blue spots that consolidate to make every pixel. It includes that the selfie camera itself should coordinate the presentation of more typical front-facing cameras. However, it says that in the area of the screen the camera should coordinate the color accuracy brightness and color gamut of the rest of the display. The blog post of Xiaomi doesn’t specify whether the panel itself is LCD, or OLED, or what sort of goal we can anticipate that it should be.

Smartphone manufacturers have been prodding under-display cameras for a brief period now, but so far the innovation is yet to see legitimate commercialization. Xiaomi and Oppo both presented the technology back in June a year ago, and Oppo flaunted a working model that month at MWC Shanghai. Vivo had additionally wanted to show its interpretation of the concept of phone technology at MWC this year before the event cancellation due to COVID-19.

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