WWE legend the Undertaker to star in interactive horror movie

For this Halloween 2021, Netflix and WWE will deliver a horror movie with The Undertaker and The New Day. This interactive tape will be released by the streaming platform in October.

“Escape The Undertaker” will be the name of this film that will occupy the WWE legend, The Undertaker, as the protagonist of a horror film where the viewer will choose the development of the story.

This is not all, because the victims of the “Undertaker”; It will be Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston from the hit tag The New Day.

Within the little that is known about the film that does not yet have an official trailer, the iconic wrestler will invite The New Day to his incredible mansion, but it will be haunted and manipulated by the powers of the former WWE wrestler.

«Escape The Undertaker»

The Undertaker’s mansion is an extreme haunted house, full of supernatural challenges. It is up to the viewers to decide the fate of these three poor souls who are trying to survive the wrath of The Undertaker “says the synopsis of the film co-produced by Netflix and the sports entertainment company wrestling.

The Undertaker himself, published on his social networks: “Watch what door you knock on … You never know who is on the other side!” The place Polygon He was in charge of presenting the news, which provoked reactions from fans of wrestling and horror movies. Recall that a few days ago, at the Smackdown event held at Madison Square Garden, a rumor emerged that The Undertaker would be in the place, a situation that did not occur.

Although there is no preview, we have some images of what will be “Escape The Undertaker”, which will premiere on October 5 on Netflix:





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