Workshops could not with Students of Rio Cuarto

Workshops continues developing the preseason already under the orders of Angel Hoyos as a coach.

El Matador faced La Boutique this Friday against Students from Rio Cuarto.

Two informal practice matches of 60 minutes each were played. The first finished 2 to 0 for the whole of the south of the Province, while 0 to 0 was the result of the second match

Training workshops for the first meeting:
Joaquín Blázquez; Alexis Aramburo, Julián Malatini, Federico Torres, Angelo Martino; Rodrigo Villagra, Fernando Juárez; Mauro Órtiz, Héctor Fértoli, Juan Cruz Esquivel; Junior Arias.

Workshop formation for the second meeting:
Guido Herrera; Tomás Olmos, Leonardo Ortíz, Tomás Palacios, Colazo; Francis Mac Allister, Facundo Sánchez; Gonzalo Álvez, Ignacio Lago, Leandro Espejo; Catriel Sánchez.

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