Works were put out to tender to renovate more than 83 thousand meters of water pipes in Bahia

Within the framework of the water works plan for the Bahía Blanca and Cnel. Rosales that was outlined by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires, in the last hours more than 140 thousand meters of pipe replacement were tendered whose useful life is widely exhausted and on the verge of collapse, in order to solve the problem of obsolescence and deterioration of the primary and secondary drinking water distribution systems.

In Bahía Blanca, the project seeks to renew 83,480 meters of the old pipes, benefiting more than 300 thousand inhabitants, while in Punta Alta, 56,730 meters of pipes will be renewed, benefiting more than 57 thousand inhabitants.

These works were projected to begin to structurally solve the problems of water shortage that are suffered and that will also bring advantages for the entire southern region of Buenos Aires.

They seek to address the historic claim of the inhabitants of the area and will be carried out through the Undersecretaries of Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning and Evaluation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services of Buenos Aires, thanks to the recovery by the governor of the line of credit provided by CAF, which had been canceled in the previous management after 4 years of null execution of the loan of which USD 1.9 million had already been paid in commitment commissions.

The works are part of the second tranche of the CAF loan signed in March 2020, which had to be reformulated as a result of the non-execution of the first tranche during the previous management and which has a total amount of USD 130 million to ensure water supply trustworthy to the population and industry of the city of Bahía Blanca and nine neighboring towns through the construction of a new water supply system.

The Undersecretary of Water Resources, Guillermo Jelinski, said: “They are works that have a perspective of more than 20 years that will allow solving the problems of lack of water supply that are exacerbated especially in summer seasons.”

“We are launching a very important loan from the CAF for Bahía Blanca and Coronel Rosales, the situation of the supply and distribution of drinking water in the area is critical and with these works we will be able to move forward to address a historical claim of the and the neighbors, after many years of disinvestment ”, highlighted the Head of the Unit for the Coordination and Execution of Works Projects (UCEPO), Nayla Siancha.

Also participating in the administrative act were the Technical, Administrative and Legal Undersecretary; Fernando Maresca; the president and vice president of Absa, Germán Ciucci and Roberto Rojas, respectively; the provincial director of Water and Sewage, Sergio Benet; the provincial director of Purchasing Ayelén Fernández Duarte and virtually, the mayor of Coronel Rosales, Mariano Uset and the councilor Rodrigo Sartori.

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