Promoting, protecting and guaranteeing the rights of menstruating people is the objective of the bill approved unanimously and dispatched to the Chamber by the Commission for Women and Gender Equity.

The Commission for Women and Gender Equity unanimously approved the project that guarantees menstrual rights.

This initiative that contributes to the well-being of people with the ability to menstruate, has already been dispatched to Sala.

In the session, the parliamentarians gave their approval to their articles, approving the right to free and dignified menstrual management.

Along with this, they established that the State of Chile has the duty to support, favor and promote public policies for their proper exercise.

This is why they defined menstrual management products as all those elements that are exclusively suitable for use during menstruation.

Likewise, it was established that the admission and production in the country of menstrual management products must be notified to the Institute of Public Health.

Also, the manufacture, importation, possession, distribution and transfer, in any capacity, of adulterated, falsified, altered or contaminated menstrual management products will be prohibited.