Woman was locked up with her blind date by covid | China – People – Culture

It all started when the young woman returned to the city of Zhengzhou, the largest in Henan province, before February 1, a date known as Lunar New Year in that country.

His fifth date wrote to her saying he was a good cook and invited her to dinner.

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I’m getting quite old, so my parents arranged over 10 blind dates for me.

China continues with strict measures to contain the pandemic. In fact, communities are regularly isolated after detecting a positive case among residents.

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Large-scale tests, sudden closures and extensive quarantine are some of the strategies to quickly end local outbreaks, according to the ‘CNN’ news network.

The young woman uploaded videos of the alleged cook to her networks.

However, the woman in some clips did not speak so highly of her suitor, as she described him as “a mediocre cook.”

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I feel like aside from being reticent like a wooden mannequin, everything else about him is pretty good. Cook, clean the house and work. Although he’s not very good at cooking, he’s willing to spend time in the kitchen and I think that’s great, ”he said in an interview with the Chinese newspaper ‘The Paper’.

He is an honest person who does not express himself very well and does not speak much. After my video became a trend, some of his friends started calling him and I think it has affected his personal life, “he commented to the aforementioned medium.

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However, the city of Zhengzhou has reported closures in non-essential businesses (beauty salons and restaurants). In addition, they suspended the use of buses and taxis, according to the local media registry, due to the increase in infections

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