Woman accuses her ex-partner of rape in Gómez Palacio

Woman points to her sentimental ex-partner of rape, he attacked her when they were both working.

It all happened around 12:00 noon on Monday, when the victim, a 34-year-old woman, was working in the “Quinta Corral” of Gómez Palacio, where her sentimental ex-partner, Luis Ángel, 34, also works. years.

In her first statements, the affected woman told the authorities that when she was in the villa she went to the warehouse to take out the tablecloths and wash them, when Luis Ángel entered the place in a state of drunkenness and began to physically attack her and then throw her into the flat.

Using force and under death threats, in addition to beatings, Luis Ángel stripped his ex-partner’s pants and underwear and then raped her, ending up fleeing the scene.

The affected woman, when she was able to stand up, requested permission to go to her home and after taking a bath and washing her clothes, she decided to tell her relatives what had happened, who contacted the 911 emergency line and made the report in a manner official.

The agents of the Directorate of Security and Citizen Protection went to the home of the affected person and after listening to her they guided her to go to the facilities of the Laguna Region Vice Prosecutor’s Office to file the corresponding complaint against Luis Ángel, of which until now is unknown. his whereabouts.

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