With the seasonal mass of the Solemnity of the Virgin, the Triduum of the Miracle begins

In the final stretch of the services in honor of the Holy Guardian Patrons of the province that will culminate with the renewal of the Pact of Faith, from today until Wednesday, seasonal masses will be celebrated to commemorate the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin of the Miracle, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and the Solemnity of the Lord Miracle, officiated by Monsignor Mario Antonio Cargnello.

This Monday, The temple will open its doors at 6 and the first prayer of the novena will be at 6.30, which will be repeated at 3.30.. Masses with prayer for the novena will be at 7 and 8.30. Then the masses will follow at 12.30, 16, 17.30, 19 and 20.30 with prayers of novenas.

At 10 o’clock the seasonal mass will be celebrated with the participation of provincial and municipal authorities. Like last year inside the Cathedral with a capacity of 250 people.

“All Masses have an infinite value because Jesus is present. But the seasonal Mass has a special value because the whole church, the pilgrim who has been walking throughout the year, in this case of a particular situation because we come from the pandemic we we stop to pray and we do it together with our pastor who is the archbishop “, explained the Father Cristian Gallardo, parish priest of La Merced a New dairy.

“In the first seasonal mass we do it first around the Virgin, because the miracle of the cessation of earthquakes comes from the hand of the Virgin. The miracle begins with a gesture of the Virgin and we want to begin the strong time of the miracle by parking in around the mother of the people, so that she continues to pray for us in the face of other earthquakes in life, “he explained.


Way of the cross

At 22, in the parish of San Juan Bautista de la Merced, Caseros 857, the penitential path will take place (Via Crucis) “By and with children” next to the Primitive Cross of the Lord of the Miracle, thus baptized in memory of the first procession carried out in 1692. The Via Crucis will be held with a capacity of 90 people and will be broadcast on Facebook Live.

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