With the Major Cross and the Virgin of Tears, the Miracle procession begins

While the pilgrim images make the last stretch of the route arranged through the different points of the city, the larger images are already ready in the Basilica Cathedral awaiting the time of your departure.

Just as planned, the Cruz Mayor, the Virgin of Tears, they began to leave the temple at 3:00 p.m., to leave in the direction of the February 20 Monument, where the Pact of Fidelity between the Patron Saints and the faithful.

From the Plaza 9 de Julio, handkerchiefs in the wind accompanied this outing. Security personnel are making a cordon between the cathedral and the faithful.

The tour iNicia by España street, and continues along Zuviría until Belgrano avenue, to move until reaching Sarmiento and, finally, reaching the monument. Throughout this journey, more faithful have already gambled waiting for the images to pass.

It should be remembered that the entire tour will be carried out without the accompaniment of the faithful or authorities.

The Loyalty Pact will be made in the designated place, which will begin at 5:00 p.m. In this case, there will be boxes in the four squares that surround the February 20 monument. The capacity in this case will be up to 400 people per square.

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