With Judge and De Loredo, Together for Change wins the PASO in Córdoba

The list Changing Together, the option that leads Luis Juez and Rodrigo De Loredo as heads of the list for senators and deputies respectively, It stands as the winner of the PASO elections in the province, according to the first official data.

The provisional count, released by the National Electoral Chamber, shows that this proposal obtains 27.47% of the votes (taking the portion of the votes that in the internal force of this force went to this option), while We do for Córdoba, with Alejandra Vigo and Natalia De la Sota as candidates, is in second place with 24.47% of the votes, 91.25% of the tables were scrutinized.

In third place is the Frente de Todos, which obtains 10.97% of the votes.

These official results confirm that Together for Change was the most voted force in Córdoba, with 47.84% of the votes, then We do for Córdoba with 24.47% and third the Frente de Todos with 10.97%, as advanced by cba24n.com.ar, according to the trends of the electoral day.

After 9:00 p.m., as the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro, anticipated, the first official results began to be known and at 10:00 p.m. more than 90% of the tables in the Córdoba district were already scrutinized.

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