Why you shouldn’t just delete spam emails

Thanks to intelligent filters, the majority of spam mails end up straight away in the spam folder; nevertheless, it happens again and again that a spam email makes it into the inbox. At first glance, the quickest and most obvious action would be to delete this email directly.

However, this is not strictly recommended, as you will miss out on training your spam filter. Actually, spam belongs in the spam folder. However, in order for your mail provider’s filter to be able to organize this automatically more and more effectively over time, the filter must learn what exactly you mean by spam mail. However, if you simply delete the spam mail instead of moving it to the designated folder, the filter will make no progress in detecting spam mail.

How to properly deal with spam

If you have spam in your inbox, it’s best to move it to the spam folder.

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So that you no longer run the risk of opening spam in the future and also reduce the number of spam mails, it is advisable to move the respective mails to the spam folder. Depending on the mail provider, this works either via “drag and drop” or directly via a button.

In addition, it is advisable to take a look in the spam folder from time to time and check it for legitimate mails.

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