Who is the Mask ?: Filtering new names of invited contestants and researchers

MEXICO CITY.- After the premiere of the third season of “Who is the Mask?”, some names of the possible participants of the show were revealed, despite the efforts that the production has made to prevent the identities of the participating characters from being leaked.

Previously, Alex Kaffie He had said that Maribel Guardia, Marisol González and Verónica Castro could be part of the cast of the program that was nominated for the “2021 International Emmy Awards” for the great success it had in its second season.

But it was not clear if these stars would be part of the team of researchers or if they would be below one of the contestant botargas.

Among the new names that would have leaked, according to the official account of “La Comadrita”, would be Kalimba, Erika Buenfil, Vadhir Derbez and Gloria Trevi.

In one of its columns, Juan Jose Origel commented that the production of the program, led by Michelangelo Fox, was doing everything possible to leak the identities of celebrities who are part of the reality show.

The contestants are even accompanied by a member of the staff to their dressing room and accompany them in a golf cart, which they cover with cloth so that no one can see them, in addition to being prohibited from maintaining contact with their teammates.

“Who is the Mask?” he already had his first eliminations

After the premiere of “Who is the Mask?”, Last Sunday, the identity of two of the contestants who were eliminated at the end of the program and who were discovered by at least one of the investigators became known.

The first confrontation was between “La Hueva”, “Carnivora” and “Broccoli”, who after having given clues about his identity, finally it was “Broccoli” who was forced to remove his mask, discovering the identity of the actor Mauricio Garza, from the successful series “40 y 20”.

The second unmasked was “Snail”, after facing the challenge against “Owl” and “Toad”, and at the end of the reality show it was learned that under the boot was the Olympic medalist, Paola Espinoza, who had been identified by Omar Chapparo, invited researcher.

“Who is the Mask?” it airs every Sunday on Las Estrellas channel at 8:30 p.m. and is hosted by Adrián Uribe, although the first two seasons were led by Omar Chaparro.

On the researchers table this season are Yuri, Carlos Rivera, JuanPa Zurita and Mónica Huarte.

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