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Correa is a lawyer from the Universidad de los Andes where she also made a specialization in Public Management and Administrative Institutions.

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Maria Paula Correa She has also worked hand in hand with Alicia Arango, Private Secretary during Álvaro Uribe’s government. In this way, Correa became one of the people closest to Arango and Uribe himself.

In 2009 he went to New York as consul, during which time he did his master’s degree in Public Administration and International Relations at Columbia University. Later, he worked in the international organization Concordia, where he established important alliances in the business sector.

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Correa became a key piece of Uribismo and that is how Iván Duque, with whom he built a close relationship, called her to be part of his team during the presidential campaign and later in the Narino Palace.

The current Chief of Staff of President Duque has been in the eye of the hurricane for whom until Tuesday was one of his advisers, Andrés Mauricio Mayorquín. An investigation initiated in November by the Office of Internal Disciplinary Control of the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic indicates that Mayorquín’s wife, Karen Liseth Vaquiro Cuéllar, made a huge leap to become a state mega-contractor.

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Correa has explained how and why Mauricio Mayorquín arrived at his office. He highlighted Mayorquín’s extensive experience in Congress. According to her, he worked there since 2014 and was known by several parliamentarians, “even by President Duque” when he served as Senator of the Republic.

She clarified that “I, as the direct boss of Mr. Mayorquín, did not know Mrs. Karen, never in my life I spoke with her, I never saw her” and that when the new contracts came out, she felt “assaulted in my good faith”, as she assures not having had knowledge about these.

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