Who are the 14 participants of the new season of Bake Off Argentina and which ones? "they paint" as favorites

The night of Monday 13 finally had its long-awaited “sweet quota” with the long-awaited start of a new season of Bake Off Argentina: The Great Pastry Chef. And the first program of this third round, the cycle of Telefe he began to introduce the participants.

As the days go by, the audience will be able to meet the 14 contestants who will leave everything in the kitchen to conquer the jury composed of Damien Betular, Paula Villar and Dolli irigoyen, which came to replace Christophe krywonis.

At the moment, there were some testimonies from a handful of amateur pastry chefs from all over Argentina, and different ages and personal styles, who signed up with the dream of making a name for themselves in the demanding world of sweet delicacies.

In the first broadcast (which had the rating on its side, with peaks of 19 points), they appeared Gianlucca, 19 years old, an economics student from Caballito, Buenos Aires; Kalia, 52, a painting teacher and a native of Comodoro Rivadavia; Paula, from Villa Luro, which in recent days generated a stir in the networks for having a gastronomic venture.

Also appeared Ximena, 20, student of surgical instrumentation; Emiliano, 21, administrative employee and Hernán, a 35 year old architect. During the week you will be able to know more details about Carlos, 29, a primary school teacher; Gino, 22, an electrical engineering student; Celeste, 34, graduated in tourism; Gabriel and Gisela.

All of them will face the challenges of the new contest rules every day: whoever stands out as the best pastry chef on each day, will win an extra five minutes for Sunday’s competition in which one participant will be eliminated.


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