“When the doctor told me it was getting worse, I was scared”

Ana Cristina Valencia fell ill with COVID-19 last May, days after her daughter also contracted the virus after meeting with several friends who had just arrived from Europe, for which She called Alfredo Arias, the family’s homeopathic doctor, who guided her to start taking Espvid 19.

Although her daughter “came out of the disease early”, Ana Cristina got worse in a few days, having a lot of vomiting in addition to the usual symptoms such as cough and high temperature. After the corresponding studies of both blood and lung, the doctor confirmed that the disease had been complicated.

“When the doctor told me that COVID-19 was getting worse, I was even more scared. I started crying, I said ‘I am a family mother, I have two daughters, my husband’, I was very worried,” said Ana Cristina, who assumed that she had been infected with the Delta variant.

Hand in hand with allopathic medicine, such as antibiotics, she continued with the homeopathic treatment prescribed by Arias, including chlorine dioxide, and after three serious weeks, accompanied by the care of her daughter, she began to improve until she recovered.

After the sequelae, she only had fatigue for the first month, she said.

“It’s something very strong, I was terrified of hospitals, that’s why I didn’t go, but all of this helped me to heal and avoid further sequelae. It was an intense treatment. I continue to take Espvid 19 as a preventive so that COVID-19 does not return. Right now I feel very good, “he said.

He also sent the product to France, he said, so that his other daughter who lives there can protect herself by taking it, ensuring that so far she has not contracted the virus.

“It was quite a challenge to get it to him, but he has taken it and has not been infected. We have all the tests that have been done there for COVID-19 and all have come out negative,” he said.


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