When Ricky Martin confessed that he was also bullying

“I had an internalized homophobia” said the singer Ricky Martin. In a recent interview, the Puerto Rican singer confessed that he too –before coming out of the closet– used to bullying to homosexuals.

One more time, Ricky Martin She became the new cover of GQ Australia magazine and was encouraged to confess many things about her life that she no longer wanted to remember and even regrets. The singer revealed how he lives his homosexuality, but also said that was once as cruel as others, to the point of bullying.

Today, looking back, he understands that before tried to fight against what was and, therefore, as a defense he came to intimidate other gay men.

I look at the past and I realize that he bullied people he knew were gay“. That’s how sincere the Puerto Rican singer was before the interview. Having already gone through many difficult moments before coming out of the closet, as is commonly said, he acknowledged: “I had internalized homophobia. I realized that he was bumping into me. I wanted to get away from her.”

That homophobia and above all the fear of coming out of the closet, is what he assumes that it caused him that bad behavior with the rest of the men who confessed to him to be gay.

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Ricky Martin today, sorry and happy who he is

Nowadays, Ricky Martin He is already a father and raises his children with His couple, Jwan Yosef. For years since he assumed who he was and what his true feelings were, he has a new point of view on life: “I don’t want my children to grow up in a house full of lies, or thinking that there is something wrong with being gay” .

It should be remembered that always He regretted having done bullying and is willing to apologize as many times as necessary. His attitude was due before confronting his homosexuality. Without wishing to justify it, it acknowledges that only It was a mistake for fear of showing himself as he always was.

Likewise, for years he has assured that he faces his new professional stage with a completely renewed character and thought. And that makes him look and feel entirely happy.

Did you remember Ricky Martin in those times?

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