What was the inspiration for José José to sing & quot; El triste & quot;?

Essentially, the song “The sad”Talks about the enormous sadness that a person feels after the loss of a loved one. That feeling of anguish that can refer both to the loss of a partner, as well as the loss of a friend or family member.

It was undoubtedly a success when it came to light in 1970, crowning Jose jose as an excellent interpreter in the presentation of the II Latin Song Festival. There, he placed the song on a cultural icon in Mexico.

It should also be remembered that even though the jury gave it third place on that occasion, it later ranked No. 1 in the most popular lists, because everyone wanted to hear it. As if that were not enough, at the time he won the Hollywood Award for “The best song in the world”.

“El Triste”, the inspiration of José José

To this day, having spent so many years and with the absence of Jose jose, many wonder what inspired you to sing “El Triste” but also, to what its success was due. Those who know, assure that they were 4 essential things to achieve it: A passionate composer, a great lyrics, a great interpreter and a great arranger.

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“El Triste” marked an unforgettable transition from Rock & Roll to Ballad. It is worth noting that was written by Roberto Cantoral and composed it after the death of his mother. That is why his lyrics basically relate the pain of losing his great love, that love that made him feel complete.

Also, according to the actor Eduardo Santamarina, who was the composer’s son-in-law, said that Roberto Cantoral himself would have revealed to him that he was inspired by his brother to write “El triste ‘”.

After her absence, the distance and separation, people over the years –and listening to her- adopted her in all kinds of love and relationships. Possibly only those involved understand that feeling.

But well, when the uncertainty arises what inspired José José to sing “El triste” first of all it is necessary to know that he was the first to interpret it on March 15, 1970.

He chose her because in those moments it came from a love disappointment. So much so that his performance was glorified and unforgettable.

To this day the song remains a musical jewel thanks to the incredible composition of Roberto and the great voice of José José. “El Triste” became an immediate success and is currently an icon of Mexican musical culture..

Regardless that Jose jose was not the only one who has interpreted this melody, there is no doubt that “The sad”Was the song that consolidated him as an international singer. Did you know? We share with you a sublime and unforgettable moment.

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