What to do if your Xiaomi phone is blocked in Cuba?

After the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has begun to block its cell phones that are in Cuba, Cuban users are flocking to repair shops for solutions.

For days the owners of smartphones in countries where the firm does not allow exports, including Cuba, began to receive the message ‘This device is blocked’, which makes it impossible for them to use it.

The programmer and youtuber Erich J. García Cruz has given his recommendations to the owners of these mobiles on the island, to whom he first suggested to be patient and not get rid of the phone.

According to García Cruz, to have their phones operational again, users only have to perform five actions:

1. Do not update the system.

2. Install firewall and prohibit system update.

3. Verify that the mobile is global, not regional.

4. Go to a workshop to unlock the bootloader.

5. Consider global Custom ROM flash.

Likewise, the young expert warns that when unlocking the bootloader all the data on the cell phone will be lost, so all the information must be saved first.

In a video recorded on his YouTube account, García Cruz asked someone to bring him a locked Xiaomi phone to record a video showing how to unlock it live.

“Do you have a solution? Yes. Does it cost money? Yes. Where can I do it? In the cell phone workshops that are in the description of this video,” he stressed.

The programmer also emphasized on verifying the so-called Mi Account on the phones, the profile that Xiaomi offers to the owner of the mobile to have access to different services in the cloud.

“If you have a Xiaomi, verify that the Mi Account, that your Xiaomi account or all the security issues are in your name, made by you, configured by you. You can see that in Settings, Mi Account, and verify that the user you have there you did it. If you did not do it, you are on board, because then you bought a Xiaomi phone with someone else’s Mi Account, and the day that phone gets the operating system, that want to flash it again, it will ask for a My Account and there is a problem, “he stressed.

Finally, to those people who have not had their cell phone locked, he suggested that they take the same steps to prevent it from happening to them.

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