What Mom Should Say To Her Child Every Day

Remind your children every day how special they are in your life. It is important that you talk to them and make sure you know what they think and what they like the most. Try to use sweet words and you will notice how a simple phrase will make them feel more cared for, heard, valued, appreciated and loved. Try to avoid the word “No” as much as possible and replace it with “I love you.”

Your children are your greatest blessing, therefore, we share the following phrases that you should say to your children every day so that they feel it:

I love you

It is the most important phrase that your children will need to hear from you all their lives. Love must always be demonstrated and don’t let a single day go by when you don’t tell your children how much you love them. It is important that you make sure that they know for sure that you love them above all else.

You make me so happy

There is nothing more true than this. Children are an inexhaustible source of happiness, love and tenderness. The great change that they caused in your life from the moment you found out about their arrival until you held them in your arms is reason enough to let them know the joy they give you with their presence every day.

Being your mom is the most important thing in my life

Perhaps you take it for granted that your children know how important and special they are to you, but the reality is that they need to feel that support of love that only you can give them. Tell your children every day that you love being their mother and that you feel very lucky to have them in your life, you will make them feel like the most special and incomparable beings in your life.

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I believe and trust you

As your children grow and develop, they acquire goals and challenges that they must solve on their own without the help of mom, and it is precisely in those moments when you must support them and let them know how much you trust them and their abilities to fill them with security and confidence.

If your children don’t know that you believe and trust them, they are more likely to grow up feeling insecure and fearful. To give them the confidence and strength they so badly need, you need to show them in words that you blindly trust them and their decisions.

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You did a great job

When your kids try to do something that is difficult for them and it doesn’t turn out the way they expected, they can feel discouraged and give up easily, even if they’ve only tried it once. Acknowledging their efforts and giving them your unconditional support will make them feel more capable and encouraged to try again and commit to it until they succeed.

What Mom Should Say To Her Child Every Day

Thanks for your help

You should always reward your children’s initiative in everyday household chores and there is no better way to do this than thanking them and acknowledging how important their help was. Thanking them will not only make them feel valued but will motivate them to keep helping you and share with you those tasks that tend to be boring and annoying for them.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself

It is extremely important that your children understand and accept from a young age that they are different and that this makes them unique and special. Giving them that confidence will help them to have their own personality and to strengthen their tastes in front of others. So they can stand out without the fear of being themselves.


It makes your kids feel good to know that what they’re doing Mom likes, especially when you let them know with compliments and congratulations. Your children see in you the most important person in their lives and your opinion and recognition in what they do is vital for their self-esteem and security. Pay attention and point out any positive details they have accomplished.

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