What is the Montessori method and how to implement it with your children

This is an educational model that is used in many schools, which is a very cash so that parents learn to educate their children. Next, I will explain in more detail what it is about and how you can implement it with your from home.

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The method Montessori It is made up of many theories about early childhood education, but the main idea is that children should have complete freedom to learn and develop on their own, although it requires an environment of understanding and love.

Basic principles of the Montessori method

Let him explore his surroundings

Children learn from their environment, so we must be aware that they develop in a environment endowed with love, learning and affection, exploring it will make them develop positive skills, that is why you should not limit it, let it explore.

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Stop continually criticizing

There is a lot of difference between calling attention to criticizing, these behaviors will make your child learn to judge others, because if he develops it later it will be very hard that he can live with more children his age or worse, future problems.

Don’t be hostile to your children

This behavior towards your children will only make him constantly on the defensive, besides that wherever he goes he will only seek to fight with others. Being more understanding and loving is more beneficial to educate children with greater sensitivity.

Make him feel safe

Fostering safety in your child will make him learn to trust others, of course this includes allowing him to let him make mistakes. Child little he needs to know himself, avoid overprotecting him. Remember that when they go out into the world they will no longer be with you.

Don’t denigrate him

This is one way to create low esteem In your children, you will only be educating a shy child, you must learn to highlight his qualities, give him that confidence, since he remembers that you are his greatest hero, so act as a reasonable person and support him.

Accept their ideas and opinions

Knowing and accepting his opinions will make him grow up as a safe person and faithful to his ideals, repressing him will only create an insecure child. Encourage it and motivated in everyday tasks so that you gain security. Listening to him is also a way of knowing how he thinks.

What is the Montessori method and how to implement it with your children. Photo: pexels

María Montessori was the creator of this educational method, she dedicated a large part of her life to improving the early childhood education in a self-sustaining and developmental way. Remember that it requires a lot of patience, intelligence and the will of the parents, on whom the responsibility falls.

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