What is Facebook Protect and why does it require mandatory activation?

Facebook Protect is not new and has its origins in 2019, when, on the way to the federal elections in the United States, the company offered this function to federal candidates, officials and agencies.

The objective of Facebook Protect is precisely to protect accounts and their confidentiality through stricter security measures: two-step authentication configuration and detection of threats from hack.

The recent crashes of Facebook worldwide and the traffic of personal data (although published by the users themselves) on the deep web could be behind the implementation of Facebook Protect on a larger scale.

But these measures were only applied, in principle, to people with verified accounts in the United States, Germany, Canada.

Now, Facebook Protect leaves these countries and helps users to implement advanced security measures, including the generation of security codes through Google, for example, or verification codes via SMS.

Is Facebook Protect mandatory?

“Activate Facebook Protect before Oct 28, 2021. If you don’t, you will lose access to your Facebook account until you activate it… Your account is required to use this program, which includes various more complex protections.” This is what the notifications that are reaching the users of the social network say and they wonder if it is really necessary. Apparently, yes, it is necessary if requested by Facebook and there could be a very powerful reason for it.

Why is it only reaching some users?

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