What is and how much does the fee for the Argentine school that is among the 100 best in the world

At the beginning of 2020, the initial levels of the primary had a monthly fee of $ 40,000.

An international index highlights the 100 best schools in the world and a traditional Argentine educational institution is on the list.

The survey, conducted by Carfax Education, an international education consultancy, and Spear’s, the British magazine for high-income people and those working in financial services, lists the top 100 educational institutions.

The list of schools was published in September of this year, and is divided into geographical regions to make it easier to navigate: secondary from Great Britain, primary from Great Britain, Switzerland, rest of Europe, United States, Middle East, China, Southeast Asian and rest of the world, a category in which St George’s College was included, being one of the two schools in Latin America that appear on the list, along with St. Paul’s School in Brazil.

According to the index, St George’s College, which has 844 students, offers in Argentina a “comprehensive and demanding education”, likewise, that “students are encouraged to develop qualities such as integrity, initiative and courage, within the framework of mixing of tradition and innovation of the school “.

Although the Argentine school does not disclose its prices in the list itself, as El Cronista learned, at the beginning of 2020, the initial levels of the primary level had a monthly fee of $ 40,000.


In addition to formal criteria, such as academic results and college readiness, schools are ranked based on the following criteria:

unique ethics
Reputation both locally and internationally
How adequately they prepare students for life beyond academia.

The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the curriculum and fees, as well as practical information such as travel times to local airports.

The best schools listed for 2021 that provide an exceptional education for students include renowned British schools such as Rugby School and Wellington College, as well as others further afield and The Scots College in Australia. New to the list are Brighton College, Amadeus School, Vienna and YK Pao School, China.

Fiona McKenzie, director of education for Carfax Education, said: “The Spear School Index lists schools that are worth moving out of the country, sending children far away, or aiming to get in if they live nearby.

Edwin Smith, editor of Spear’s Magazine, said: “The second edition of the index comes at an interesting time, with the impact of the pandemic still reverberating in the education sector. The way schools responded to the crisis has been taken into account in this year’s index as we wait to see how the long-term consequences will affect education as we move into the next academic year and beyond. “


St George ‘s College is a bilingual, coeducational and independent college. Located on two large campuses, it has two offices in the province of Buenos Aires. The headquarters with a residential campus is located in Quilmes, and the north, in Los Polvorines.

Both have multipurpose buildings and extensive playing fields. St George ‘s College was founded in 1898 settling in Quilmes, while in 1990 it developed and opened the North headquarters in Los Polvorines, achieving a great reputation as one of the leading schools in Buenos Aires.

The school is the combination of respect for maintaining traditions and a forward-looking educational proposal, offering both national and international programs.

It is one of the few schools in Latin America that has the residential modality, that is to say that some of its students stay all week at the school.

St George ‘s College has native English-speaking teachers who work with Argentine colleagues to provide the school with an international atmosphere where the majority of Argentine students coexist with many foreign students.

Fifty percent of the classes are held in English. /The chronicler

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