What happened to the reward promised to the person who found Gala Cancinos?

In June of this year, Rodolfo Gallo found the remains of Gala Cancinos near the La Caldera River. He was walking through the area to fulfill a promise and revealed the mystery that had the people of Salta in suspense since May 2017. The outcome was undoubtedly the saddest. A Rodolfo was promised that he would charge a million and a half pesos that was offered as a reward for people who can provide data on the missing youth. Even Governor Gustavo Sáenz had promised to make the payment effective.

Rodolfo found the remains when he was fulfilling a promise to the Difunta Correa. In April of this year, his wife had an accident that left her in a wheelchair. The money would help pay for treatment and other expenses, yet he is still waiting. The bureaucracy has it on hold.

Regarding the delay, the lawyer Sebastian Aguirre explained to the journalist Angel Mansilla from Police Station by radio CNN Salta how is the methodology for the payment of a reward offered by the Ministry of National Security.

“When a reward is offered for locating a person, the Ministry of National Security makes available to collaborate. What it does is help to clarify the fact and one way to encourage it is to offer a reward,” he explained.

Aguirre remarked that the reward for Santiago comes from 2017 when Patricia Bullrich was the Minister of National Security. “Bullrich signed a resolution stating that anyone who knows something about a missing person can contact a phone number to provide data. There is also a resolution that foresees that when you call that number they give you a numerical code, then you meet with people from the Federal Personnel Search System, who undertake to protect your anonymity and also the data you provided. Then, once the information is checked, they communicate it to the prosecutor, and with a report he checks the two requirements that the reward had: that the data is useful and the person who contributed it did not intervene in the fact. Then we proceed to the payment, “he stressed.

In the Cancinos case, Rodolfo did not communicate with the number provided by Nación, but his data was useful for the case and it was also found that he did not intervene in the incident. “These two extremes are proven, and they do to the essence of what was intended, that is to find Gala. As the required conditions are met, the reward would be proceeded, but the signature of the Minister of Security of the nation. There is no date but the stages are fulfilled“, he finished.

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