What happened "Boys"? Alejandro Fantino and a harsh defense against the "haters" from your video

The last friday, Alejandro Fantino It became a trend in social networks for something unexpected. It is that far from the seriousness with which he faces his program “Intractable”, the journalist was amused in his account Instagram and uploaded a video of himself dancing while exercising on the stationary bike. The point is that both his dance and the faces he made in front of the camera were strange and in a matter of minutes the memes multiplied.

After the repercussions, the driver decided to make his discharge through a “vivo” on the same platform. “Two little things because with 34 ° we are doing the endurance, training, moving forward. He gave me a little bit of grief and grace. Grace of course gave me what happened to the video that I uploaded dancing on Friday. I was very amused by the amount of memes that appeared, and I understand it and it’s great because you also live on that. But I was a little sorry for some silly interpretations, not from networks, from some colleagues and some hanging around.“, started “Boys”.

Alejandro Fantino copied Moria and spoke of the “Karate language”

The communicator said that he is under strict training for a competition. “Once what is defined Horacio, I’m training now with Fer to fight five rounds with him Ninja (…) With 50 years that I have, I am training, I feed myself, I take care of myself, to be up to the task and to be able to go up to fight. Once finished with the ninja I am going to start challenging three or four piolas in the middle, my colleagues, the comedians, those who laugh at everyone. With this [se señala la lengua] they are karatekas, so I feel a little sorry for some interpretations of the system… Not from the networks because I understand them and play that game too“.

Beyond everything they said, he assures that he continues to train with great enthusiasm. “I do not know how to say it, it is a question between sad and smiling. With the life that I have of doing sports, killing myself, giving it a go. Everything I do in social networks is a healthy life, eat well, show that at 50 you can go up to fight five rounds with a guy who fights… And having to smoke me for some stupid to come out and say nonsense, I mean, I understand it, but it’s sad, but that’s life, that’s our environment and we have to move forward”.

On the other hand, he assured that humor is part of his life since childhood. “Me the same, anyway, I’m not going to loosen up with what I like to inflate my p … because I was raised that way. My old man was a type of permanent humor (…), and I’m going to continue like this. If someone understands that as something is happening to me, it is a shame, but it is not like that. My life is this, with my coach in the sun, training, living healthy, eating healthy. Most of my videos, of my lives are training”.

Fantino danced “weird” and became a meme

The journalist said that together with his partner they were enjoying the jokes they made on the networks thanks to their dance. “I send a hug to all, to all, because I know that you are good milk, and of course the memes are countered by the bank, and they amuse me because even Conita (Mosqueira, his girlfriend) showed me 200 and I recontracted shit … laughing. But I’m going to keep dancing on top of the bike, I’m going to keep dancing as I sing the p … because it’s my way of being, that’s how I live life“, he pointed.

I laugh at my own day to day, if you don’t laugh at existence, what am I going to do? Am I going to be distressed? No, that’s life, you have to do things to shit … laugh, but some do not understand. To those of you who do understand, I send you a hug. I just wanted to say this to them, looking at them on camera. Doing it in Intratables or elsewhere, no, because it came from here and here you have to clarify it. I close with this: there are three or four piolas, alive, that kill everyone and that laugh at everyone, in one or two weeks we will see how much they laugh with the invitation that I am going to make them, with all due respect”, He declared defiantly.

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