What does avocado have to do with the Super Bowl?

Every year, as the NFL Super Bowl approaches, one of the most common “color notes” are those that have to do with avocado, avocado or avocado, as this fruit is known in the United States (because yes, it’s a fruit). But what does avocado have to do with the Super Bowl?

If you live in the United States and usually attend Super Bowl parties, the answer will seem obvious: without avocado there is no guacamole, and without guacamole there is nothing to snack on during the Super Bowl. And let’s say that the quintessential snack in the United States is nachos, fried corn tortilla chips that go great with guacamole. And just in case…

What is guacamole?

Guacamole is a typical Mexican sauce made from avocado. It is basically prepared by beating avocados until a kind of uniform paste is achieved. Depending on the preparation preference, chili is usually added —it is a sauce and it should be spicy, but everyone has their own taste—, onion, cilantro, tomato and a little lemon juice. Some recipes even call for boiling some ingredients, such as green tomatoes, serrano peppers, and poblano peppers.

The guacamole frenzy often peaks as the Super Bowl approaches, as thousands of people search for recipes on how to make it.

Of course, there are dozens of tutorials on YouTube that explain how to make a good guacamole. There are some in the United States style, with their enormous and sophisticated kitchens, even some that use the ancestral Mexican method: a molcajete (a kind of pre-Hispanic mortar).

guacamole a la epic way

Guacamole al molcajete

Still, it’s not about purism or pointing out which guacamole is better. In the end, the Super Bowl is a party that many join just for the food. So if you didn’t make it, just enjoy it!

And why all the fuss about avocado?

Because avocado exports from Mexico to the United States have something like their Black Friday with the Super Bowl. To put it in perspective, the shipment of avocado for the guacamole of the final game of the National Football League represents something like 10 percent of the total shipments per year.

The Association of Producers and Packers Exporters of Avocado points out that in 2021, of the 981,000 tons of avocado exported to the United States, 135,000 were shipped as part of the Super Bowl. In other words, shipments for the big party were equivalent to 13.7 percent of total exports for the year.

That is why it is usual that in the weeks prior to the Super Bowl the news is common that indicates that Mexican avocado exports will break records.

Now, enjoy a good guacamole.

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