What do you do that causes your children to misbehave?

The Rising children It is never a simple matter, especially when children misbehave and the fact is that parents often do not understand their children’s behaviors or what motivates them, so they fail to see that sometimes it is the parents themselves who create them. .

You may be wondering how parents can influence the behavior of their children, but I think the answer is simple, just say a bad word at home for your daughter or son to copy it, so you learn that parenting of children implies care and measure.

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Nevertheless, it’s not just about what they say, but also what they do and above all, what children internalize because many times their bad behaviors are due to things that parents are doing and that predispose the behavior of their little ones.

Things parents do that contribute to their children’s misbehavior

Have very high expectations. When we talk about child rearing, parents will always want the best for their children, but that idea should not be confused with demanding more from them than they can give, because sometimes the expectations of parents are so high that they frustrate their children not being able to comply with them, then, one way of reacting is by way of rebellion.

The balance is in understanding that the best way to avoid the failure of children is to adapt expectations to real standards and above all learn to be tolerant and flexible if something does not happen as they would like, therefore, always remember the age of each small and that your expectations are according to age.

What do you do that causes your children to misbehave PHOTO: FREEPIK

Put aside your needs. Something that you should always keep in mind when raising children is that if their basic needs are not met, they may present bad behavior and what do we mean by basic needs, for example if they are sleepy or hungry they will surely be more restless.

You’re not paying enough attention to it. It is likely that your child begins to misbehave after he has spoken to you constantly and you are on the phone, locked or busy, then, you will choose to decrease your attention towards the little ones, which can contribute to him ending up misbehaving for call your attention.

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So what parenting experts suggest is that, even for short periods of time, put everything aside and focus on spending quality time with your little one and he or she will learn that they don’t need to misbehave to get your attention. important is that both work on that.

What do you do that causes your children to misbehave

What do you do that causes your children to misbehave PHOTO: FREEPIK

Finally, we would like to remind you that your little one is your mirrorWhat you do he will also do, so if you do not tolerate some bad behavior you should analyze if he has learned it from you or someone at home, so that it can be corrected at the root.

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