What did Julio Iglesias mean in his song & quot; I forgot to live & quot;

It was always said that Julio Iglesias It was “The Spaniard of the 20th century.” An emblem of Spanish pop culture of the last half century. So it is remembered one of his greatest hits, “I forgot to live“, a song whose lyrics crossed the years and currently makes a lot of sense.

“I forgot to live” was a song that Julio Iglesias wrote mainly for people who are in a hurry and who forget the little things, those everyday things.

The singer had released this song in 1978. However, according to the credits that appear on the album, the adaptation of its lyrics was made by Julio Iglesias himself. It was a joint work with other renowned artists such as M. Díaz, M. Korman, J. Flores, Manuel de la Calva and Ramón Arcusa.

I forgot to live”Was released on a single disc, but also as part of the album “Emotions”. In it, there are also other songs such as “One day you, one day I”, “I’m going to lose my head for your love” and “Poor devil”, among others.

However, the success of “I forgot to live” achieved that 2 years later it was the main theme of the film that Julio himself starred in. It should be remembered that it was an expensive Argentine, Mexican and American co-production recorded in the cities of Miami, New York, Paris, Tikal (Guatemala) and on the island of Panama. This film was released on April 5, 1980.

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Is a song that, to this day, has such validity that it could fit perfectly in current times. Yes, considering the way you live fast and work all the time. In addition, “I forgot to live” highlights the high price that must be paid to achieve what many consider as “success.”

For those who wonder what did Julio Iglesias mean or the special meaning it had for him when he composed it, according to the source El Confidencial, Julio Iglesias would have sung “I forgot to live” as a way to free himself from his guilt over the failure of the marriage he had with Isabel preysler.

It should be remembered that Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler were married in 1971, in a ceremony that paralyzed all of Spain. Then the children came, but the marriage did not last long. In fact, the divorce came in 1978, precisely the year that “I forgot to live” came to light.

According to the same medium, “It is a song that expresses the great price of success: neglect of private life and family that, as a conservative man that he is, (Julio Iglesias) had always longed for from a young age ”.

Do you think that’s what he meant Julio Iglesias in this iconic song?

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