What did he say and how was Barby Silenzi’s attack of jealousy with Juli Bartolomé for his "cool" with El Polaco

The story of The Pole and Barby Silenzi It is framed in an endless number of stages, which travel from immeasurable love to raucous fights, many of which acquire public notoriety, with claims in front of the cameras.

The couple goes through continuous oscillations, it always seems to hang by a thread, beyond the granite bond that unites them with the birth of their daughter. In this context, the two celebrities returned to star in an episode of discomfort and mainly jealousy, a common behavior.

It turns out that the singer is going through a different professional stage with his participation in the Polka strip The 1-5 / 18, where he develops as an actor. In this work context, Ezequiel hit very good vibes with a castmate, Juli Bartolomé.

That chemistry transcended to social networks, where the actress dedicated some beautiful words, which are encompassed in a friendship or a pleasant feeling of companionship. What Nobody imagined it was the excessive reaction of Barby, who did not overlook that interaction on Instagram.

The first step was the story that Juli posted about a scene with El Polaco, to which she added some very loving emojis. The following episode was based on Bartolomé’s decision to comment on a publication by the singer with an intimate phrase: “I love you very much, friend brother“.

Silenzi quickly caught those words and driven by the rage of jealousy She decided to sit on her boyfriend’s post and immediately write to Juli, although she did not use a conception, but did use a series of emojis. Barby put four applause icons on it, which in the digital world is understood as: “I’m watching.”

How will this story continue? Could Barby have sung the forty to El Polaco in the heart of his home? The truth is that Juli tried to make it clear that what she professes to the singer is a pleasant feeling of friendship.

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