What did Bob Marley think of the "perfect woman"

Several interviews included in documentaries and films have managed to capture the essence of the thoughts of Bob Marley, who is undoubtedly the maximum reference in music reggae, and who had a multitude of loyal followers.

For this reason, his words were also of great reference, either in his songs or in what he declared in the media, Robert Nesta Marley He was a great advocate for women’s rights and even spoke on one occasion about what he thought of the “perfect woman.”

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In the social networks circulates a text extracted from an interview of journalists and the media, where they ask him if he believes that the perfect woman exists, to which the singer of No woman no cry gives a wide and detailed answer.

“Who is interested in perfection? “, is the first of his sentences that says who was Rita Marley’s husband, and it is that very few people know that the musician originally from Jamaica He married in a suit and without wearing his characteristic dreadlocks.

Despite having had several partners and as he himself reveals in a documentary, he loved them all, in 1966 he formally married Rita marley, who was his showgirl and later became his wife with a beautiful wedding dress.

“Not even the moon is perfect, it is full of craters” is the second sentence of the interpreter’s answer. Is this love, before the astonished gaze of the newspaper men who were always thoughtful about Bob Marley’s answers.

“And the sea? Incredibly beautiful, but it is salty and dark in the depths, and the sky? So far and infinite, in other words everything that exists on earth that is handsome It is not perfect, it is special and it is each man and each woman who chooses what and who he is special in their life”.

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This is how the Jamaican composer When asked by the media about whether there was a perfect woman. The dad of more than 10 children including Damien, Ziggy and Stephen Marley undoubtedly had their own conceptions of the love and of the woman.

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Even Bob Marley recurrently gave all a life lessonsWell, this interview ended by saying “Better try to be free and live according to your own decisions, without wanting to please others and be perfect for someone, do not try to give in to that obsessive ego.”

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