Werkén’s stepson from Temucuicui convicted of robbery, threats, arms and drug trafficking

The Collipulli Guarantee Court -in the La Araucanía region- condemned for drug, arms and ammunition trafficking, as well as robbery with violence and threats to the stepson of the werkén of the Mapuche community of Temucuicui, Jorge Huenchullán.

Sentence based on an accusation presented by the Prosecutor’s office and where the Presidential Delegation of La Araucanía is the complainant. There they were detailed three events where the now condemned was the protagonist.

He is SPP, a minor, son of the partner of the spokesman for the Temucuicui de Ercilla community, Jorge Huenchullán, who is currently a fugitive from justice for a drug case.

The convict participated in the delivery of more than a kilo of marijuana to a buyer in Ercilla in January 2021. He also starred alongside other people in the robbery of a vehicle and threatened a police officer with a weapon.

Because he was a minor, the Collipulli Guarantee Court sentenced him to two years of confinement in a semi-closed compound and another three years on probation.

Regarding Jorge Huenchullán, the Regional prosecutor, Roberto Garrido, said that the arrest warrant is still in force and they hope to finalize it as soon as possible.

Huenchullán appears as a leader along with his partner in different investigations of the Public Ministry, a clan made up of other relatives that operate from inside Temucuicui in Ercilla.

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