We were born in a crisis: Amaury Vergara; Omnilife grows in pandemic

The first time Jorge Vergara saw the Omnilife company was during the 1981 crisis. With hard work, in 1991 he launched the first product on the market. Today, 30 years later, Amaury Vergara, his son and CEO, shared that the COVID-19 pandemic not only did not affect them, but also helped them grow.

“In recent years, especially last year, we have broken sales records. Despite the fact that many companies have stagnated, we have the philosophy of working harder in crisis, that’s how we were born and, to say a number, last year our sales grew by 18.20% ”, he stated.

Perseverance, perseverance and honesty are part of the values ​​that Jorge Vergara, founder of the company and who died two years ago, installed and that Amaury has continued to continue with the development of the company.

“We are people who share abundance, who use their products and talk about the results we have. We do not believe in sales strategies or telling lies, we are an honest company that shows what we do by example ”, said.

He pointed out that there is no secret and that the key is to be consistent and work every day.

“We are passionate about what we do, so much staff As Omnilife entrepreneurs, this is how we were able to reap 30 years of great abundance, great success and many achievements, such as the construction of the Akron stadium that was Omnilife at the time ”, he highlighted.

Almost two years after his departure, and in the midst of the celebrations for the anniversary of the company that was born with a single product, Amaury shared that every day they pay tribute to his father, Jorge Vergara, in everything they do.

“My father’s vision was to be better people to help others be better people and consequently transform many lives and achieve many dreams, is the burning desire with which Omnilife began and continues in its 30th anniversary. More than my father, he is a leader, someone who inspires us and who we keep in mind in the activities we do ”, he concluded.

Omnilife celebrates 30 years of caring for people. In the image, Amaury Vergara, CEO of the company. SPECIAL / V. Bross

Omnilife will seek a presence in 10 more countries, says its director Amaury Vergara

Mexico, Germany, Chile and the United States are some of the 20 countries in which Omnilife has a presence. However, one of the goals of the multinational company, but Guadalajara, is to have a presence in 10 more countries, shared Amaury Vergara, CEO.

“Our five-year vision is to be in at least 10 more countries, We want to become a company with a turnover of more than a trillion dollars in the next three years, we are about to see another plant and in five years we want to have two more in other countries. We want to reach more people, although the quantity is not important but the quality in which we reach people and the model of the products ”, he stated.

These will be more advanced, “smart drinks and smart nutrition products that no other company has on the continent,” as Vergara describes them. He stressed that, in the components and vitamins of these, they are prisoners in the use of food technologies.

But not only that, but, as their motto indicates, they are “people who take care of people” and from the beginning they have sought a way to be healthier and help others, therefore caring for the environment is a priority. and, in the next five years, Omnilife will be one of the most sustainable and ecological companies.

“We are going to take our commitment to the planet, global warming and all social-environmental responsibility very seriously. We want to have our entire line of ecological or hybrid transport and the use of renewable energies together with materials and presentations of our products as ecological as possible ”, he stressed.

They prepare great surprises

To celebrate 30 years of the Omnilife company, in the stadium Akron various activities will be carried out and everything will be transmitted via internet to 60 countries.

Amaury Vergara explained that among the activities are the delivery of recognitions, the launch of new products, presentation of testimonies, training and keynote talks by him and his sister as in charge of the cosmetic line.

In addition, in the event that will have all the health protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will also they will give checks of more than 100 thousand dollars as individual prizes, hundreds of cars in the different countries where they have a presence and international trips.

Finally, to close the event, they will bring the presentation of a world-class artist, as in other anniversaries where Shakira, Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Alejandro Fernández and Mariah Carey have already sung, although Vergara stressed that it will be a surprise. Today and tomorrow Omnilife will present new products that will be added to the more than two thousand that already have between supplements and cosmetic line.


60 companies make up the conglomerate Grupo Omnilife-Chivas.

20 countries where millions of people consume and distribute the products.

6 Languages ​​are handled: Spanish, English, Russian, French, Portuguese and Quechua

2000 products are currently handled

Jorge Vergara forged the destiny of the company

When Jorge Vergara launched the first Omnilife product on the market, there were only three employees and six distributors, so he shared it in an interview for this medium in September 1998, when the company was barely seven years old, today they are 30 years old. He was one of the most important businessmen in Jalisco, he worked from the age of eight.

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