We answer all your questions about the STEP 2021

There are only a few days left for Salta people to return to the dark room for the second time this year, this time to participate in PASO 2021, elections that still raise many questions about protocols, requirements, the vote itself and others.

In view of these doubts, from Get informed We help you evacuate them and answer the most important questions related to the electoral day of this September 12th.

– What do we vote in Salta ?:

In these STEP, people will have to choose who they want their candidates to be from among 13 proposals, corresponding to the pre-candidates for national deputies for Salta. These are: the Frente de Todos are Jorge Guaymás and Emiliano Estrada; for the Together for Change Front + are Carlos Zapata, Inés Liendo, Héctor Chibán and Nicolás Avellaneda; for the Left Front Unit are Cristina Foffani and Andrea Villegas; Felicidad takes him to Tane de Souza; United by Salta to Guillermo Durand Cornejo; SI + PRS to Felipe Biella; More Movement to Socialism (MST) to Marcos Tognolini and Labor Policy to Julio Quintana.

Is voting mandatory ?: It is mandatory for those between 18 and 70 years old, otherwise they have to justify the cause for which it was not paid or pay a fine ”. Optional vote Those between 16 and 18 years old and those over 70 have the right but not the obligation, and they do not have to justify or pay a fine later.

Can I vote with a proof of DNI in process?
No. Any proof of a document in process is not considered probative of the identity of the voter.

What if I have symptoms of COVID ?: Who has compatible symptoms or is close contact, it is better that he does not go to vote and then he will have to justify. Vaccination or identification is not required as a requirement to vote.

What will health care be like ?: There will be a sanitary facilitator, a member of the Electoral Command who will be in the schools, will control the capacity, the distance in line, mandatory use of the mask, will put alcohol on the hands.

Will there be any special hours for at-risk voters ?: Yes, a priority time slot was established for people who are at risk groups, whether due to age or illness, between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.

– Where do I find out where I vote ?: The National Electoral Chamber reported that the final list for the legislative elections next Sunday can be consulted on the web. The information is on the site www.padron.gob.ar

What do I do if there are missing tickets in the dark room?

If the ballot (s) of your preference is / are not in the dark room, you have to notify the President of the Table (without revealing in any case what your choice will be), so that he / she asks the party prosecutors for their replacement. . In the event that the polling station authorities and the prosecutors are unable to correct that fault, you will be able to vote in the Complementary or Contingency Dark Room (COC), which will be in charge of the National Electoral Justice Delegate and in which copies will be made available. of ballots of all groups and lists.

– When can a vote be annulled ?: By unofficial ballot, or with paper of any color with inscriptions or images of any nature, containing inscriptions and / or legends of any kind except when they have deletions of candidates, additions or substitutions (eraser), by means of two or more different ballots party for the same category of candidates, or through an official ballot that due to partial destruction, defect or deletions, does not contain, at least without breaking or erasure, the name of the party and the category of candidates to be elected.

– How much is the fine for not voting ?: It starts at $ 50 with a cap of $ 500 based on the number of times you did not vote in national elections.

– Will the bus be free on Sunday ?: Yes, and those who use the service must carry their ID, since SAETA and AMT inspectors may request the documentation at the control in each car.

– Where can I report irregularities during the Primary?: The Salta Fiscal Unit, located at Calle Caseros 455, will remain open between 8 am and 8 pm in order to receive complaints and evacuate inquiries.

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