Waste collection: why the service in Bahia is affected

Marcos Streitenberger, Secretary of Government of the Municipality, spoke this morning with the team of the program “Bahía Hoy”, which is broadcast by Compass 24, on the occasion of the repeated claims for waste collection in the city.

In this regard, he said that “first of all we understand the claims of the neighbors, because they are correct, and we have been claiming Sapem. What they explain to us is that 30% of the staff is affected by vacations, close contacts and coronavirus infections, that is why the service suffers ”.

“Sapem carries out 33 routes per day and 15% of them, due to the lack of personnel, are resentful. And all this added to the heat wave of this last week, with many collectors that have decomposed ”, Streitenberger graphed.

“This is in addition to what is happening with ABSA and the lack of energy, we know that it is difficult to ask people for more patience, but the reality of what is happening with the Sapem workers is that,” said the local official.

And by way of analysis, regarding possible solutions, he indicated that “we are analyzing the possibility of using temporary personnel, even speaking with the union, but it is also complicated for the same reasons. We understand that by next week everything would begin to normalize ”.

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