Waßmuth hits twice again – Wolfsburg with a runaway victory

Thanks to a 5-0 win against Servette, VfL Wolfsburg celebrated their first victory in the Champions League group stage. The wolf women were clearly superior to harmless Swiss women from the start.

In a goal mood: The wolf in the CL game against Servette with greetings to the injured colleague Pia Wolter.

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Compared to the 3-0 win against Cologne in the league at the weekend, VfL coach Tommy Stroot swapped two positions: instead of Starke and van de Sanden (both bank), Oberdorf and Waßmuth began.

Wassmuth hits twice again

The wolf women were superior from the start and initially hardly came to a conclusion against the defensively oriented Swiss women. The first big chance led to the lead in the 18th minute: After a build-up error by Servette, Waßmuth failed to goalkeeper Pereira, but Huth put the margin just as tightly and accurately into the right corner of the goal.

After the hit, even more rooms opened up for the Bundesliga club. Waßmuth followed up less than ten minutes later after a corner kick from the turn (26th). Almost every minute there were opportunities for the Stroot-Elf. In the 29th minute Oberdorf forced Pereira to make a brilliant save, before Waßmuth was brought down from behind by Fleury when attempting a subsequent shot. Referee Frida Nielsen (Denmark) missed a penalty whistle.

The third goal should still fall before the break: After a wonderful pass from Roord, Waßmuth scored her second goal of the evening through the legs of Pereira. The 25-year-old had already met twice at the start of the group stage at Chelsea.

Smits takes care of the end

The second half began as the first had ended – with a goal for Wolfsburg: Janssen scored from a corner from close range to make it 4-0 (51st). The game was decided long ago, but that did not prevent the wolves from playing further forward. Smits, who was in suspiciously off the beaten track, scored the 5-0 in the 68th minute – at the same time the final score.

Goals and cards

Huth (18′)

Waßmuth (26′)

Waßmuth (43′)

Janssen (51′)

Smits (68′)

VfL Wolfsburg


Servette FC Chenois Feminin

FCCF Servette

Inês Pereira – Amandine Soulard , Mendes, Nathalia Spälti, Léonie Fleury – Thaïs Hurni, Élodie Nakkach, Tessa Tamplin , Daïna Bourma – Natalia Padilla-Bidas, Jade Boho

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The wolf women will now compete in the Bundesliga on Sunday (1 p.m.) in Hoffenheim. The Champions League will continue on November 9th (9 p.m.) at Juventus Turin.

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