Voices for and against to create a municipal cannabis gene bank

This Wednesday a plenary session was held in the Deliberative Council to analyze a Draft Ordinance that proposes to create, at the Municipal level, a Genetic Bank of Cannabis Cultivation for scientific and medicinal purposes.

Representatives of the Municipal Executive, the Provincial Legislative and various bodies and institutions linked to the subject. The activity allowed those present to present their life experiences, analyze the legal framework of the document, know the position of the DEM on it, make contributions and propose lines of work; as well as raising the importance of having the point of view of health professionals.

Get informed He spoke with Councilor Fernando Ruarte, who defended the project of his authorship. “It is necessary that we watch over the health of the people of Salta because this project is based on health, get to have an oil or derivatives of cannabis to alleviate situations of children or people who do not have the possibility of growing their own“, Held.

The legislator pointed out that self-cultivation for medicinal purposes and “solidarity cultivation is legalized by decree 883 of Alberto Fernández. This would also be a source of job creation because it is an issue that is growing worldwide and Salta cannot remain oblivious to all scientific advances”.

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The project was in the health commission and has two opinions, “andOn Tuesday it will be dealt with in the legislation committee, but be it positive or negative, I am going to make it reach the venue because it is necessary. We are open to all the modifications that are proposed, but it is a regulation that must come out, the people need it ”.

Councilor José Gauffin also shared his analysis regarding the initiative. “We believe that ways can be found to help people in need, but the original project is complex. In some way, access to medical cannabis has to be improved, they are neighbors who suffer and we must accompany them ”, he said first.


However, Gauffín said “that we all know the difficulties that home-made production has because it does not have the rigor that is needed in the methods, it does not have the guarantee that the quality is optimal”.

In the same way, he pointed out that in plenary “doctors or biochemists or pharmacists who could contribute their views on the matter did not participate. The actors who participated also told us that there are no doctors who know the subject in depth and can prescribe and give the certification so that they can have plants ”.

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According to the councilor, the municipality’s own secretary of Health, Mónica Torfe regretted that “at this moment The conditions are not given not only by economic resources but in terms of infrastructure and medical personnel because this must be done with scientific rigor”.

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