Viggo Mortensen, from The Lord of the Rings, now reads poems in Spanish – Cinema and Tv – Culture

It is, he recalled, a story based on the international operation carried out in June 2018 to rescue a group of twelve children from a soccer team and their coach, trapped in the Tham Luang Nang No cave (Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady), located in northern Thailand, in which she plays the role of one of the divers, an English national.

Some of the poems in that book are part of the selection that he has made to read them at the Niemeyer Center, a selection process that is “interesting” to him since it forces him to “review” old texts that he had not read long ago and thus remember the time when he wrote them and what happened to him or his friends at that specific moment.

For Mortensen, sharing his poems with the audience on stage is like releasing a film “and you never know how he will react, which is always differently”, even if the film is the same.

“With poetry the same thing happens, when reading a poem, something happens between my mouth and the person who listens, it is an interesting process that always evolves”, he affirmed. In that album of life, he assured, today’s still photography has to do with the current situation, “with people who get sick, who die, and the process of acceptance,” aspects that he touches on in his latest book despite having After many years of writing, the feeling of having already addressed “all the issues”.

“We know that we can get sick and die at any moment; We can be run over by a truck, that is, anything can happen on a day-to-day basis, although we don’t go through life thinking about that because we would go crazy ”, he pointed out.

“You cannot control either nature or how your work or your form of expression turns out, although doubt is the seed, in the best of cases, of solutions and ways of facing obstacles, they help, even though they are frustrating,” he concluded. the interpreter.

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