Video: his cell phone was stolen in the bus, he tried to run the thief, fell headlong to the asphalt and died

Liz Vera had fallen from a moving bus after being assaulted in Asunción, Paraguay, and died after several days of agony. He was under an induced coma and with a reserved prognosis after that accident.

The young woman was admitted to the Trauma Hospital, after having suffered a serious brain contusion as a result of the fall of the moving vehicle.

It all happened on Sunday last week when Liz was traveling in a unit of the Paraguari company and was the victim of a robbery in which a criminal took out her cell phone and fled.

In an attempt to chase after him and retrieve his cell phone, he fell to the asphalt after the driver sped up. This Sunday, the family and friends of the young woman had held a solidarity event for the benefit of the young woman to pay for the expenses of her hospitalization.

The police caught the alleged criminal, who was identified as Pablo Daniel Corvalán. In addition, the driver of the Paraguarí company was arrested and charged with failing to help, since he did not stop the march.

After this and other events committed in recent weeks, the Paraguayan Ministry of the Interior ordered several changes in the police leadership. /Chronicle


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