Vicente Fernández gives hope to his fans by presenting a slight improvement

Vicente Fernandez He was hospitalized since August 9 due to a fall that he suffered and that led to a surgical intervention for cervical damage, however, later it was said that “The Charro of Huentitlán”Was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, which has kept him in the hospital until now.

And derived from the concern of the fans to know the health of Vicente Fernández, is that his family and his doctors have used the Instagram account of the 81-year-old actor to report on his evolution, which has been quite slow as he is currently still in intensive care.

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According to the latest medical report to publicize the health of the singer of “By your damn love“It was said that the oldest of the Fernándezes has remained stable and with noticeable changes in his neurological state, so that, although his recovery is very slow, he has a tendency towards improvement.

Regarding his respiratory status, the Fernández family reported that don Vicente He is still with tracheostomy in spontaneous modality and working on its progression to the retite of mechanical support, although it is not yet certain when this will occur.

This is because Vicente Fernández still has inflamed airways as a consequence of the association with assisted ventilation that is declining, while, in a matter of feeding, the Mexican regional music singer continues to be feeding through a tube.

Regarding the mobility in the laterals, it is reported that the singer of “This jealousy”He is still unable to move, so he continues to be given physical rehabilitation and so far he has not presented any other serious infection as he presented at the beginning of his hospitalization.

It should be remembered that a few days ago the rumor spread that Vicente Fernández had died, some only stated that his relatives had the intention of disconnecting him, however, Vicente Fernández Jr. He quickly came out to deny these gossip and clarified that his father is still stable, although still serious.

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Maribel Guarda asks for the health of Vicente and his wife

In the same publication, the actress Maribel Guardia asked that God accompany both Vicente Fernández and his wife, Rebeca Abarca, who a few hours ago was hospitalized for surgery for a hernia that she had, a previously detected condition.

And it is that, although the Fernández family knew that Mrs. Cuca He needed surgical intervention, it had been postponed due to Vicente Fernández’s health, but this situation also worsened his wife’s health and now both are hospitalized.

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