VAR prevents 26 wrong decisions and is wrong once

The DFB has drawn a positive interim conclusion for the previous Bundesliga season in terms of video evidence. Only one VAR intervention out of 28 was objectionable.

The video evidence in the Bundesliga season so far shows a hit rate of 96 percent.

imago images / Matthias Koch

Jochen Drees, head of the video assistant project at the DFB since 2018, officially presented these figures on Wednesday. Accordingly, the VAR intervened in 96 percent of all cases of the 63 games played in the Bundesliga so far.

However, Drees complained on Wednesday that twice no action was taken where it was necessary. According to Drees, the video evidence prevented 26 wrong decisions. On average, checking a scene now only takes 69 seconds, compared to 81 seconds last season.

Referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich also rates positively that there is a trend towards restraint among the referees. “Many games are conducted in such a way that more intense and physically-accentuated football is possible,” said Fröhlich: “It is not always possible – but when it does, it is practiced in such a way that there is one less whistle than one too many. That way, the game flows more smoothly Nevertheless, a clear issue of course remains a clear issue. ”

Many games are conducted in such a way that more intense and body-hugging football is possible.

With the fans returning to the arenas, the referees have to adjust to a new situation, according to Fröhlich. “The spectators in the stadiums make the games more emotional again,” said Fröhlich: “The referees should continue to actively demand respect.”

With the new interpretation of the handball “everyone has fewer problems”

According to Fröhlich, the simplified set of rules for handball is well received by professionals and those responsible. “Everyone has fewer problems with the new design than with the old one,” said the Berliner: “Of course, those involved want everyone to stick to the same design.”

In order to minimize the handball discussions, a simplified set of rules has been in effect since this season. A so-called “unnatural” posture is decisive for a penalty whistle. It is only considered unnatural if the hand game does not match the natural body movement of the player.

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