Vaqueros residents concerned about insecurity call for more police controls

The residents of the Vaqueros department, 12 kilometers from the capital of Salta, expressed their concern due to the events of insecurity that have occurred in the area in recent weeks.

A neighbor of the place, Juan, was interviewed by FMAries, assured that robberies are a constant every day and anywhere in the municipality. The police are tied hand and footBecause criminals barely speak loudly to them, they denounce “mistreatment.”

Due to the high temperatures, the waterfront is a very busy area. Due to the number of people who attend the place, regretted that the police do not conduct tours with the necessary regularity in the area.

There is no logistics to protect places that are hot and they know that they are.”Says Vaqueros’s neighbor. Juan points out that he has already suffered three robberies, the last one was on Tuesday morning, so he feels very helpless.

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