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Balancing weapons is an important point for competitive first person shooters, especially those setting up an economy. To remain viable, these games need to border on perfection in this area, so that the fun is always there and one weapon is not too powerful compared to the others. Following patch 4.0, kicks off Episode 4 of VALORANT, several major changes were made to weapons, largely to weapons that were less played.

The Ares is one of those concerned, but the changes made, after a few days of playing, may seem too important. Riot made the choice to remove the initial spin time (the first bullet is fired instantly) and the rate of fire increased from 10 to 13 bullets per second, making it much more interesting to play. Many players have therefore tried this new version, and adopted it. The TTK (time to kill), brings it closer to the best weapons, such as the Vandal and the Phantom, but much more accessible, since its purchase price is 1550, which allows even to buy it when the economy of the team is not at its best.

Naturally, many players have complained about the new power of the Ares, judging it too powerful, with reason. Some are hoping that Riot will fix this little annoyance very quickly, so that the meta doesn’t get too messed up. In the meantime, we will have to deal with an upsurge in players using this weapon.

If you want to find all the changes applied during this update, you can find the patch notes here.

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