Valheim adds monsters to swamps, developers talk about future updates

The developers of Valheim just rolled out a small update, fixing a few issues, while also adding monsters to the swamps (which we’ll let you discover for yourself). However, the Swedish studio has also taken the floor to give us some more information on what will come next. At the end of October, we learned that the team had started working on a new biome, called Mistlands, while improving mountain content.

Iron Gate has thus confirmed that yes, caves were indeed going to be introduced in parts of the mountains, and that these have a chance to shelter “Lupins”. A new preview has been shared, although it is not final.

As for Mistlands, we can also enjoy a new image, showing much better what awaits us on the side of this new biome. Besides the apparent greenery and the few mountains, the haze is very present, which could make the places a little more terrifying, especially when venturing there alone … Again, this image reflects the work done so far , but is not the final rendering.

We do not know when these new features will arrive in the game, as the developers do not want to give a date until they are sure they can deliver them on time. We will know more in the coming weeks. Valheim remains available on PC, through Steam, in Early Access.

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