Unusual project in Rosario against insecurity: they propose personal defense courses in schools

Councilor for Together for Change Renata Ghilotti proposed that secondary school students and those attending clubs and neighborhoods receive self-defense classes, as “tools to defend themselves against facts of insecurity.”

“We are really alone, the State does not take care of us,” said Ghilotti in a spot that he spread through his social media accounts.

“We hope that the State recognizes its failure and begins to really take care of us,” he said. And he remarked that in the meantime citizens should be able to receive self-defense classes within the elective curriculum in secondary schools, in addition to taking the proposal with a municipal program to clubs and neighborhoods.

“People have already assumed that in the face of outbursts the presence of the Police does not exist and that they must take care of themselves. Many take precautions such as notifying when they arrive, avoiding walking through dark streets, or trying to go out accompanied, “he said, and asserted that” the delivery of tools for prevention and individual protection are essential today.

The mayor explained that “it is not about promoting and stimulating civil arrest”, since there are cases that show “that this can end in tragedy for everyone. But we cannot deny that it is a reality that happens daily and that today the residents of Rosario are absolutely defenseless and at the mercy of criminals. “

“With these tools they can at least try to prevent being a victim of violent situations,” he concluded.

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